FBS (Financial Brokerage Services) forex is an international forex broker with branches in various parts of the world. These branches are interconnected via satellite and each has a customer service centre which allows for all customers, despite the language they speak, to have access to a centre that will be able to address their query.

FBS forex uses the ‘FBS trader 4’ as its trading platform. This is based on the ‘Meta trader 4’ platform which is an automated trading system that monitors the forex market per second therefore giving real time information at all times. It also allows users to be able to trade regardless of where they are and no matter the time, from their personal computers. FBS forex also uses the ‘The FBS trader mobile’ which offers even further convenience to be able to track the market and to even trade in places where you could not carry your PC.

Fbs Forex

FBS forex has three types of account that are designed to serve everyone despite their experience in this field. They have:

• Micro account: This is meant for the beginners in forex trading.
• Standard account: This is for those who are slightly more experienced.
• Unlimited account: This is for the professionals and investors.

The difference between these three accounts is the difference in the costs of trading.
How does FBS forex make money? FBS does not charge commission on what its customers make or trade. It instead makes all its income from spreads. Spread is the amount of PIPs (percentage in point) between the bidding price and the asking price for currencies. Remember forex is involved in the trading of currencies. The money between these two values is how FBS forex makes money.

Due to the numerous experts who work for FBS bureau it analytical reports are almost always correct to the point that they are even aired by major broadcasting corporations which goes to show that their reports are accepted as the standard.

FBS has also unveiled an FBS MasterCard that has increased the ease of its customers accessing their profit or using this profit at any outlet that accepts a MasterCard.

As a way to further encourage customers to invest through them they also have a monthly trader demo contest with prizes for the top five. In addition for any new customer who deposits an amount in excess of $500 gets the fee for obtaining the MasterCard wavered.

FBS forex is undoubtedly one of the most recognised and most widespread bureaus around the world and with its branches, the platforms it uses and the presence of its MasterCard it is a forex with which you can rest assured that you will be able to trade whichever part of the globe you happen to be.